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Rev. Dr. Karen Felter Vaucanson


Rev. Dr. Karen Felter Vaucanson

Rev. Dr. Karen Felter Vaucanson is a priest in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Denmark. She holds a masters degree in theology from Copenhagen University (2014) and a PhD in theology from Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany (2020). 


Karen grew up in the Danish countryside, where her father is a priest. From a young age she got to know the church as an integral part of society and a place that values openness, dialogue, and social responsibility. Her interests lie in the places where church, society, and academic theology intersect. She combines history of theology with systematic theology in order to look at contemporary issues such as identity and gender from many angles.


Karen believes that interreligious and ecumenical dialogue is necessary to foster social change and transformative responses to problems both outside of and within the church. In 2013 she was a youth-representative of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Denmark at the World Council of Churches’ 10th General Assembly in Busan, Republic of Korea. For several years she has volunteered in the organization Ecumenical Youth and in Danish Christian Graduate Movement with specific responsibility for arranging seminars about Culture and Christianity for university students.   


She lives in Copenhagen with her husband and their son.

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