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Mr. Willie C. Haney, Jr

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Mr. Willie C. Haney, Jr

Willie Haney is a Special Education teacher with the Clayton County school system. Located at Forest Park High School, he works with the Ash Street Center as part of the Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support (GNETS}. GNETS support Clayton County school district for students with disabilities.

Over the course of his 35-year career in education, he has taught science and served as a Christian youth counselor in Kumba, Cameroon and has taught in Pasadena, California.  In 2002 he was the recipient of the 2002 Georgia Teacher of the Year award. In addition, Willie has served on think tanks sponsored by the school system and actively supports the Parents, Teachers and Students Association (PTSA). He uses his platform as a special education teacher to advocate for more life training skills for students with special needs enabling them to prepare for the world of work.

Willie Haney holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Augustine College (Raleigh, North Carolina), a Mortician Degree from Gupton-Jones Mortuary College (Atlanta, Georgia), and a Master of Education Degree from Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia). He currently serves on the board of the Maria Fearing Partnership Fund and the Youth in The Street organizations. His hobbies include fishing, chess, and cooking. His is known nationwide for his awesome fried fish.

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