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Congratulations to the new UM Board Officers

April 2023

2023-24 Newly Elected Urban Missiology Board Officers

President - Rev. Dr. Moses Woodruff, Jr., Fayetteville, GA

1st Vice President - Rev. Dr. Wanda M. Lundy, New York, NY

2nd Vice President - Rev. Dr. Ronald S. Bonner, Atlanta, GA

Secretary - Rev. Phyllis Byrd, Nairobi, Kenya

Treasurer - Mr. Derrick Montgomery, Atlanta, GA

Urban Missiology (UM) is an online community that promotes social change and transformation, enabling individuals, groups, institutions, and communities to increase control over their lives, purpose, and sense of mission. Our website and worldwide consultants (see our website board members) and educational programs are capable and willing to accompany you on an amazing journey forward.

How? Here's what we offer:

  1. Story Telling: Personal stories are shared to inspire and encourage people to see themselves as change agents in ways large and small.

  2. Story Linking: Readers are invited to write blogs, stories, and articles about what they are teaching and/or learning about life and ways to encourage mentors and mentees.

  3. Writing Workshops: These workshops, offered on Zoom and in person, aim to help bring out the storyteller (or author) in you.

  4. Online Conferences: Relevant and timely issues are discussed by presenters and panels.

  5. Urban Café: Twice a year, we invite readers to participate in critical conversations via Zoom with our board members. Financial Empowerment, Connecting the Dots of Environmental and Social Change, and the Impact of Education on Interfaith relationships are some topics discussed in 22023.

  6. Urban Conversations: We invite and encourage community partners to dialogues on issues related to the health of communities in different contexts globally via Zoom.

  7. "Glocal": encourage an understanding that the local and global are inextricably linked.

  8. UM communities, urban or not, may meet in person, but most consist of people who share common interests, concerns, or identities and meet on Zoom. For instance, in spring 2024, a face-to-face free writer's workshop will be offered to a limited number of people in the metro Atlanta area.

  9. If you have a passion and would like to volunteer to serve on one of the Interest Teams below, contact us (any board member or email before our June 21st summer planning meeting and let us know of your interest.

2023 Educational Area Interest Teams:

Children & Family Education: Chana Shapiro, Phyllis Wilson

Convenor: Marsha Snulligan Haney

Youth & Young Adult Education: Willie Haney, Danita Snulligan, Derrick Montgomery

Convenor: Marsha Snulligan Haney (temporary)

Social & Environmental Justice Education: Phyllis Byrd, Kearni Warren, Karen Felter Vaucanson

Convenor: Michael Saahir

Rebuilding Communities Through Anti-Racism Education: Wanda Lundy, Hunter Farrell

Convenor: Ronald Bonner

Public Life & Civic Engagement Education: Rita Dixon, John Titaley, Marjorie Lewis, Setri Nyomi

Convenor: Rosetta Ross

Urban & Intercultural Education: Chris Accornero, Zvi Shapiro

Convenor: Moses Woodruff

Join us, support us, and watch us grow together! Short-term plans include the development of three NEW pages on our website. They are (1) the Legacy Page, honoring loved ones who have transitioned from life on this earth to life eternal; (2) the Donors Page, showing

appreciation for those who support us with financial contributions; and (3) What We're Reading Page, an invitation for readers to share with us what books, articles, etc., you are reading and would recommend (or not).

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