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14-year-old walks over 2 hours to make it to 8th grade graduation:

‘I wanted to walk cross the stage’

A St. Louis teenager walked more than two hours in order to make it to his eighth-grade graduation. (Source: KMOV)


By Melanie Johnson and Emily Van de Riet, Published:

Jun. 1, 2023 at 4:44 PM EDT

ST. LOUIS (KMOV/Gray News) – A young teenager walked for more than two hours to make it to his eighth-grade graduation, and his commitment to showing up has now secured him a full-ride scholarship for his future.

Xavier Jones, a 14-year-old from St. Louis, walked six miles from his home to his graduation ceremony last week because he was determined to walk across the stage and get his diploma.

“If you want something done, you gotta go ahead and do it yourself,” Xavier said.

Xavier is a student from Yeatman Middle School, but the ceremony was being held at Harris-Stowe State University.

Xavier said his grandfather’s car was not working at the last minute, so he didn’t have a ride.

“I was going to tell an adult, but my grandpa’s car was down. So, I was just going to walk there,” he said.

Unbeknownst to his grandfather and the school staff, Xavier came up with a plan to get there without a ride.

“I looked up Harris-Stowe University on Google Maps, and then I saw the walking distance, and then I said, ‘I could probably make it,’” Xavier said.

Xavier recruited his brother and a friend to make the six-mile journey with him.

“I wanted to walk across the stage,” he said.

Fortunately, Xavier made it in time for the ceremony.

Upon learning of the lengths Xavier took to attend the graduation, Harris-Stowe State University administrators were so moved by his determination that they promised Xavier with a full-ride scholarship to the university after he finishes high school in four years.

Dr. Latonia Collins Smith, President of Harris-Stowe State University, said Xavier’s story is a reminder of the obstacles many students face.

“Many of our students come with a story, and many of our students come with environmental barriers they have overcome or that they are currently overcoming,” Collins Smith said.

The full-ride scholarship will cover Xavier’s cost of tuition, fees and all books someday.

“I just led with my heart, and I followed my heart, and my heart said, ‘This is a kid that needs a scholarship,’” Collins Smith said.

On Wednesday, Xavier received a personal tour of the university’s campus. For now, he said he hopes to be a NASCAR driver after he graduates from college.

Collins-Smith said Xavier’s determination is something we can all learn from.

“At the end of the rainbow, there’s a pot of gold. I learned a lot from Xavier that day,” Collins Smith said. “Even on your worst day, keep pressing forward.”

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STL teen who walked 6 miles to graduation gifted

new bike & $40,000 family vehicle

Miami Dolphins.png

Uploaded: Jun 5, 2023

Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Terron Armstead gave a teenager a bike after learning he walked six miles to get to his middle school graduation.


A St. Louis teenager has received an outpouring of support after walking nearly two hours to his graduation. (Source: KMOV) (This is the link to the article below.)


By Melanie Johnson

Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 10:59 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 3, 2023 at 7:52 AM EDT

CAHOKIA HEIGHTS, Ill. (KMOV) - A North St. Louis teenager who walked miles to his 8th-grade graduation now has two new ways to get around.

“I wasn’t expecting this,” says 14-year-old Xavier Jones.

Jones was gifted a $5,000 Ryan Pritchard Electric Bike during a celebrity basketball game on Friday.

His grandpa stood by in shock as the family also received a $40,000 minivan thanks to the generosity of Bommarito Automotive.

“This means a whole lot,” Xavier’s grandfather tells News 4. “I don’t know what to say. I’m so thankful.”

He takes care of Xavier, who is diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia, and his six siblings after their mother passed away a few years ago.

After watching the story on News 4, Cahokia native and current Miami Dolphins player, Terron Armstead, arranged for the special surprises to happen during his basketball tournament at his alma mater.

“We hear a story like Xavier. It’s only right,” says hometown NFL star, Terron Armstead. “Follow Xavier’s example. He’s a leader whether he wanted to be or not. His story is inspiring. It’s motivating. That’s what leaders do.”

Xavier was also given a full-ride scholarship to Harris Stowe State University for his determination to succeed in the face of adversity.

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Students, Are You Looking For An Dynamic Internship Opportunity?

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What are the duties of a Social Media Intern?

A Social Media Intern, or Social Media Marketing Intern, assists in various organizational marketing initiatives. Their duties include creating social media posting schedules, writing captions for social media posts, and tracking analytics for social media campaigns.

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  2. Open and collaborative mindset

  3. Professionalism and a strong work ethic

  4. Self-direction and self-awareness

  5. 2+ years experience in communications, journalism, digital/social media, or equivalent working experience

  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills

  7. Excellent internet research skills 

  8. Mastery of the major social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snap and Google+ 

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An ideal Social Media Intern will have an in-depth knowledge of social media platforms. The intern will be comfortable creating and managing multiple social media accounts, developing content to inform, educate, and engage the brand's audience to increase awareness and achieve marketing goals, and will be experienced in running targeted ads on social media sites.

Social Media Intern Duties and Responsibilities

Social Media Interns support the digital media staff in developing and implementing outreach and promotional campaigns to boost brand engagement and increase revenue. The duties and responsibilities of a Social Media Intern include the following:

  1. Assist with the design and execution of social media campaigns

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  5. Support marketing team at online events

  6. Perform social media marketing research

  7. Assist with influencer campaign strategy

  8. Respond to comments and DMs on social media platforms

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  10. Create compelling graphics to share across social channels

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  12. Help create and edit short-form videos

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  14. Assist with photo/video content shoots

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A typical week, a Social Media Intern meets with the director via Zoom to discuss their tasks. They check on the progress of social media campaigns and pull numbers for marketing employees to discuss during meetings. Throughout the week, they consult with the director or officers of the advisory board as needed. They may also attend events on behalf of UM to get pictures or videos to post on social media. Social Media Interns use downtime daily to update posting schedules and create posts for different platforms.

What qualities make an excellent Social Media Intern?


An excellent Social Media Intern has a strong desire to learn. This means that they aren't afraid to ask questions and continually look for ways to improve their skills throughout their internship. Their creative mindset enables them to contribute innovative ideas to a business's marketing strategy. Further, a good Social Media Intern has excellent written communication to create unique slogans or attention-drawing social media captions. A good social media Intern also has enough knowledge of social media marketing practices to work independently on one or more of their projects.

Who does a Social Media Intern report to?

The social media Intern typically reports directly to the UM director, who will help guide and teach Social Media Interns throughout their internship. Monday and Thursday meetings are held via Zoom to receive daily tasks and ask questions.

Is this a paid internship?

Because this is not a paid internship, Social Media Interns need to be in the process of completing a college, seminary, or graduate degree. They will receive academic credit for the training ended. This ensures they can fulfill the field education requirement for graduation.

How our recruiting process works:

Generally, our hiring process includes the following steps:

(1) Submit a letter of Interest and resume,

(2) Digital Interview,

(3) Live Video Interview with the Hiring Team, and

(4) Offer letter.

Thank you for being so interested!
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